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Intellectual property is one of the most unique and misunderstood aspects of law, yet it is often the foundation for many of the world’s most innovative and profitable organizations.  Without the proper protections, critical business assets can be put at risk. Jeopardizing the overall health of the entity.  Diligent legal counsel experienced in IP is essential to protect and advance many ventures, especially those built upon highly technical products.

Intellectual Property Law Specialists

Many firms don’t maintain an IP practice because their infrastructure and economics do not support an in-house practice for a small number of cases.  Rather, they opt to outsource portions of their caseload to experienced IP attorneys and firms like Landmark IP.  By working with Landmark IP you have an IP specialist that you can trust and confidently refer clients to on IP matters without ever risking the overall well-being of your law firm. We integrate between your firm and your client to provide maximum value to all parties involved.

We offer technical acumen and legal expertise relating to intellectual property matters to outside firms and in-house legal teams charged with handling IP issues for their clients. With so much at stake, securing lasting legal protections for patents, copyrights, and other innovations ensures long-term success of a business, and working with Landmark IP means that you can confidently insulate your clients from being poached after referring them to larger firms simply because they’re specialists in IP law.  For particularly complex IP issues, the challenge extends beyond basic legal protections to integration with high-level business objections. Our range of experience—from emerging start-ups to the Fortune 100—provides firms with a legal framework that scales with their clients.

Find out why legal teams from coast to coast trust Landmark IP with intellectual property issues essential to their clients’ continued success.

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