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Many law firms simply don’t see a high enough volume of intellectual property requests — clients calling to ask about patenting an invention, registering a trademark, or submitting a copyright — to warrant staffing an in-house Intellectual Property attorney. As a result, many smaller law firms are left having to refer a client to an IP attorney who may have absolutely no connection to your firm, and may not be accountable to you for the service they’re providing for your client. In some instances, law firms are simply looking up the first IP lawyer they find online.

But that’s not what your client is looking for.

Your clients don’t want to be blindly pushed off to another law firm simply because you don’t specialize in IP, and you don’t want to refer your client to a firm that may attempt to poach the client by offering additional services. Referring your client to a potentially vulturous firm means putting all the time, effort, and work that you’ve devoted to building a relationship with your client on the line, with little to no control over the situation.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Landmark IP, a full-service intellectual property firm, is here to do one thing and one thing only – provide insight and design strategies to exceptionally manage intellectual property for businesses of all sizes, from startups to corporate entities. Working with us means that you won’t ever need to give a blind IP referral again. We are experienced specialists who are more than capable of handling all aspects of your client’s intellectual property needs without putting your firm at risk of losing a client.

We understand that your firm may wish to exclusively work with your client for the majority of the legal counsel required, and we are ready to assume that only specific matters determined by your law firm will be referred to our experience, technical knowledge, and legal prowess. We are here to support your client’s IP needs within the framework of their business’s overall legal needs.

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