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Patent Prosecution

Landmark Intellectual Property Law, PLLC specializes in making the most of your business’s intellectual property.  By mastering your technology and innovations, as well as your overall business objectives, Landmark IP is able to create strong patents to protect your ideas.  With experience and expertise in virtually all stages of patent prosecution and litigation, Landmark IP is able to navigate your idea from inception to issuance with the maximum possible protection.  With an understanding of your particular business landscape, Landmark IP will ensure that your patent portfolio serves your ultimate business goals and adapts to the ever-changing business and legal climate.

Landmark IP has experience and expertise to help your business in all of the following areas of patent prosecution:

Our firm’s successful experience in intellectual property law, in combination with our technical knowledge, allows us to design tailored prosecution strategies to protect both foreign and domestic patents. Landmark IP possesses a deep range of technical and legal knowledge that allows us to quickly and correctly understand complex technological or legal issues without bogging our clients down with explaining the intricacies of what makes their intellectual property unique. Landmark IP is also different from most IP law firms, as we take the time to fully understand your business, and how your IP portfolio impacts your company’s bottom line, helping to maximize the value of your intellectual property assets.

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