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Licensing & Transactions

Whether you’re executing a revenue-generating licensing agreement, or simply ensuring that an employment agreement includes adequate protections, transactions play a vital role in your company’s overall intellectual property strategy. Landmark IP’s deep technical knowledge and practiced legal prowess means that we have both the education and working knowledge to allow us to easily navigate complex transactions across virtually every industry.

Our depth of knowledge means that we have the skills and experience necessary to successfully guide your company through all aspects of intellectual property, such as patent, trademark, and copyright licensing, and information technology agreements. Beyond this, Landmark IP is experienced in regularly handling transactional law.

As part of the practice, we have experience in:

Let Landmark IP build value for your company by crafting effective licensing agreements.  Once we’ve established how an agreement can best serve your unique business, we’ll do more than just draft the agreement. We’ll ensure that your business is protected while still realizing the maximum value of the asset for the business.

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