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Portfolio Management

Your company’s intellectual property is comprised of more than a group of individual patents. Existing alone, even the best patent protection will not serve your company’s interests unless it is incorporated into a comprehensive business strategy. That is where portfolio management comes into play. Not only does a poorly management patent portfolio create drag and inefficiencies, but a well-rounded portfolio management strategy can create cost savings, and even open scalable income streams designed to grow with your business.

Through a variety of methods, Landmark Intellectual Property Law, PLLC can assist your company in creating a well-crafted patent portfolio that strengthens your company’s position in the market. Whether you are in a well-traversed industry or advancing ground-breaking technology, a purposefully built portfolio can increase your competitive edge, expand your footprint in the industry or simply provide protection of your most valuable assets. Landmark IP recognizes that every company is unique and therefore strives to provide a tailored approach to portfolio management.

For instance, Landmark IP can assist your legal and technical staff in identifying existing intellectual property assets to ensure they are adequately protected and advanced to their fullest potential.  Landmark IP can also help your company brainstorm new ideas and improvements to existing technology to complement and expand your patent portfolio. As your portfolio matures, Landmark IP can facilitate the growth and adaptation of your portfolio by helping your company prioritize, license, sell or even acquire certain intellectual property assets. With every step, Landmark IP will ensure that your portfolio is managed in the most efficient and useful manner to accomplish your company’s unique objectives.

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