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Protecting intellectual property is essential to the competitiveness and profitability of every corporation, from the Fortune 100 to emerging public entities. We offer our clients years of experience protecting the research and intellectual investments of some of the world’s most prominent companies. Our highly technical background coupled with our legal prowess means that we are able to fully understand your product and create tailored intellectual property solutions to maximize your company’s potential.

IP Law Specialist

From trademarks to copyrights, patents, legal opinions, and other intellectual property issues, we help corporations of all sizes manage their intellectual property.  We can assist in all manners of projects, from issuing an opinion on the impact of a single patent to structuring and creating a strategy for an entire IP portfolio. For large organizations, our legal expertise and business savvy can help identify IP assets and establish protections for them, becoming part of a broader business strategy. Through our approach of getting to know your company and tailoring our services to meet your overall business strategy, we are able to create a well-rounded IP strategy.

Whether your corporation seeks to expand its IP portfolio or resolve an existing dispute, trust Landmark IP to safeguard the proprietary knowledge that fuels your organization. We offer big law firm experience with the cost of a small boutique. We integrate with your business and provide big law insight with the flexibility of a small firm.


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