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Legal Opinions

There is a constant risk of potentially colliding or even infringing on someone else’s intellectual property. If you have a new product you will want to know if it is impeding on someone else’s patent.  If someone is currently infringing on your patent, you will want to take action to protect your interests.  When trying to determine the legal landscape, an opinion is the way to start. By obtaining a legal opinion, particularly on complex issues like patent law and intellectual property, you will be armed with the necessary legal insight to make an informed decision.

Landmark IP’s technical approach to your business’s intellectual property means that before starting to draft a legal opinion, we take the time to fully understand how your company’s intellectual property aligns with your business goals. We then use this understanding of how IP affects your bottom line to devise the most strategic approach to managing and positioning your IP portfolio.

Some firms may shy away from issuing formal written legal opinions to avoid a potential conflict of interest issues that may preclude more lucrative litigation work down the line. At Landmark IP, our concern is that your business is maximizing its potential, and getting the most out of your intellectual property.

Whether your business needs guidance navigating the world of intellectual property or simply a legal opinion on a complex matter, Landmark IP will provide a thorough analysis on anything from determining infringement of a patent or series of patents to the validity and enforceability of a patent. As a full-service Intellectual Property firm, Landmark IP is here to make sure that your business receives a comprehensive analysis.

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